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does this work?


I see you typing lol!


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so it’s basically a forum but it’s realtime so it could be as slow as passing letters back and forth or as fast as chatting but I wanted to create a section that’s just discussions with different people

(this is private but I was thinking in public :joy:)

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Cool, lets go public

(I started working on a different layout that will remove a lot of the interface so it will be interactive still but read more like a transcript, but right now it is still basically full of buttons)

cool this is public now

Cool, so you are designing the website but it is using like some sort of forum thing in the backend?

right now it’s basically an out of the box discourse install, which is set basically designed for community forums, it’s really customizable so you can make it look like or do anything, but I like that it feels more about conversations/threads that “publishing” a post, and isn’t part of any big network

I had a bunch of weird thoughts about using it as a personal website…basically like a blog but I could jot down one thought and reply to myself 50 times, or have a few running conversations with people

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are you still using cachesuite?

Sweet. Wildly Madly Letting Go 2020: Public Email.

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I also like that this is built for really long conversations, there’s a slider on the righthand side that lets you scrub through a conversation, like if it goes on for years and has thousands of posts

and you can also kind of “fork” conversations, so if you want to branch out on a specific topic you can create a new topic that’s linked…


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I’m still using cachesuite. Going to quick my job in the spring and get back to using it regularly

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Nice. Lol you have been trying to figure out the same thing your entire life. Whether conversations should be public or private and how to organize them…Basically your highschool interview mag. What was that called? Also Zack Poff getting mad at you for recording his class.

true lmao…

process :sweat_smile:

:angel: yeah I thought that I was gonna get kicked out for that or something…I just backed up and consolidated every single hard drive I’ve ever had…scared i’m going to find that :speak_no_evil:

i think i had a weird ideological thing about it back then that i got over after a couple of experiences where people were kinda upset or i saw how it hampered other things, weird thinking back to then

but i guess i still want very open things for myself. i was wondering if you wouldn’t wanna do this, ha. i feel like i’d rather stumble across somebody’s weird dump of notes than spend a lot of time with final products. and i’m just so slow to put anything out there, so i’m trying to kick myself in the ass to exist more in casual ways, or something…

i was going to ask you about cachesuite…i dunno if it feels too formal, but did you have similar considerations?? like what you want out of tool or place to post things?

I totally feel that. Yeah, this is exactly the type of thing I’m drawn to or could see myself doing. I was using that LOG document that I would do writing in that was like an ongoing type of dialogue with myself that was semi-public. I think the cachesuite is an extension of that but for images and just art in general. I had an aha moment where i was like "wow I want to be constantly interacting with the world physically and visually and I have such an urge to share those interactions and I have all the means to do it so why am I not doing it?
I wrote about it in my LOG:

Cutting through life at every moment.

It just hit me how I should be constantly reaching and relating to the world.

It should be a reach intended to inform and learn but also to cut through the layers of bullshit being poured on us daily.

Using photo taking as a thing to take for granted. Truly a tool to document the cutting and reaching. Aiming for discovery and not just a predetermined and acceptable art image.

Go back to my “let’s” writing! I want more ‘things’ not to enrich a doomed art world and art conversation but to enrich our own lives and every waking moment!

Playing with what’s in front of me in an earnest way. I think I got close to that form of making when I was working on Jogging stuff but it was so bogged down in bullshit social games and my head was too controlled by thoughts about audience. I probably got even close when I was working with Bryan in the basement but I was so focused on the end product and goal that I didn’t even realize what was happening right in front of me. I’m excited about audience but it shouldn’t be about attention economy. It should be about wanting and needing other people to cut through their immediate reality because it strengthens and diversifies your own and exponentially opens up new ways to cut and slice. A community. Tactics and approaches that cannot be thought of alone.

How can I expand my body outwards in tandem with my mind to interact with my physical surroundings to create. Forgetting predispositions within art and art images.

With our tools the smallest spaces and realities are sites, not sites for promotion but sites of a cut through reality.

I must get my hands on an everyday camera. A camera as a constant witness to this cutting and experimenting. The DSLR carries with it a weight, an intention and professionalism that can often be a burden.

Let people into the making, to the process and the body. What I have been shooting for is a resolved art image where I am pushing things aside to get there, instead of pushing I need to be cutting. Let it bleed. Truly discover what is happening right before my eyes. Do it for myself, because what is in front of me can truly be a rich experience, material, vibrant matter. There is much to feel and let be felt, there is little reason to get dressed up for a ball.

Currently, it feels like a struggle because it is unknown what I’m searching for I know that I can create an image and I’m searching for that “acceptable” image. Whether there is truth in that discovery is currently irrelevant. That is what needs to change, some sort of truth or perceived truth needs to be essential to the process, truth through exploration, testing and a willingness to change and let go at any given moment.

It’s not just about using as many tools as you can get your hands on, all that does is display a diversity of tools available, it is about using all these tools to enhance and diversify your ability to slice through your immediate reality to release the thousands of possibilities that typically lie dormant.

I’m sick of searching for things and images that prove something about myself or my perceived self. I need to search for things that reveal something larger, reveal things TO myself, not ABOUT.

I fucking love playing with things, why on earth would I be depriving myself in any way.

Part of this discovery may be about identifying things that could produce a sort of negative discovery. Information, social media. These sources of negative discovery are to be handled with care or even avoided completely.

These things create short circuits that trigger your brain into thinking a discovery is being made, into thinking you are learning something or your reality is being expanded. They are not. They are to be treated as tools, they are powerful tools that are to be utilized, but they are not to be confused with a world or explainers of worlds.

Wildly giving yourself to a moment, an extended moment. Sit for hours to take it in. If cutting is an exhale, absorbing is an inhale.

Robert Irwin was focused on observation and inhales in space, especially institutions, now our creation through inhale can focus on more intimate settings.

The photograph or the instagram capture of a moment is a cheap cut, a shallow inhale and a lazy exhale but it is a starting point and shows us the scale, the intimate nature of what is possible.

We are after novelty as that is the antithesis of dogma. Dogma leaves us stagnant and accepting of the status quo. It wears us down and inverts itself into comfort and in the long term a warm tradition that insulates us from existential thought.

Drawing as an essential tool, the basic technology for reaching out, letting perception affect you, learning the present moment.

And then I was bummed out by all the networks in place that are supposedly there to support that type of thing. Then i arrived at the cachesuite idea. The website itself is probably fully realized but the way in which i’m using it is def not fully realized. I would like it to feel like it has a flow to it. Like coming across a cabin in the woods and feeling like someone was just there using it. I want it to feel like a space that is being used or is about to be used, like a dialogue.


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