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@robertogreco this is a thread for us. we can, of course, talk anywhere on here, (and we already have :joy:) but one idea i had for this site was just to reserve a category for specific correspondence threads. so, here!

discourse is also really good with backlinks, so if I link to some others places we’re chatting, those places will link back (bi-directionally!)


Aggregating my “notes & links” from 12/8/19, 3:42 PM :slight_smile:

You are so great about keeping chat notes. I have some jottings in notebooks and some bookmarks on Pinboard and things stashed in a few other places, but I don’t have something that ties them all together.

This discourse system seems to have a pretty robust search feature. Does it have things like OCR, search inside documents, etc?

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I’m pretty sure that I’m not getting this Discourse thing in the same way you are but I like poking around here. On a technical note, is it possible to put the composition window side by side with the thread window instead of top to bottom as it is now? I tend to scroll up and down looking at a thread and that way would make more sense for the way I am trying to quote parts and read back and forth.

Have you been reading/watching that e-flux project on education?

Here’s the latest essay:

Two of my other favorites:

And a collection of videos (though the way they do URLs sometimes that link might not work? don’t get me started on fancy URL behavior lol):

Not as far as I know, though you could certainly post transcripts here for searching! I wonder if there is an OCR/file search plugin. I noticed that when I post an external image, within a minute discourse pings me to say that it has saved the image to this server and updated the post with a local link. So I think it can technically do involved stuff like that!

I like it too! And I don’t get it either really! A few weeks in I’m using it differently than I expected. In any case: This is for no particular purpose :upside_down_face: so nothing to get. Just an experiment. Thank you for playing.

I bet I could code this up as an interface module! Let me see. I love this idea.

I haven’t seen this — thank you!! Will take a look

I got a simple version of this working(!), by inspecting the editor element. :slight_smile:

I think with a bit more work, it could be something worth releasing/sharing.

  • anchor editor to side instead of top
  • move resizing grip to left side instead of top
  • responsive styles, to ensure it works at different screen widths/heights
  • move preview from right to bottom
  • minimize to side instead of bottom

That looks good. Is the division line adjustable like with the vertically aligned edit pane?

When I sit down to code I realize how rusty I am. Omg.

It would be really cool to release a small bit of code around this, maybe I will work on it for fun and solicit help from the Discourse community if there are parts I can’t wrap my head around.

Have yet to watch those videos, but did scroll back through art&education today.

I am reviewing art portfolios for a jury I’m part of, and the repetitive action of viewing work and CVs put me in the mood to systematically but manually crawl the websites of people whose work I like and see what they’ve been up to, clicking any links I wasn’t familiar with. It was WEIRDLY satisfying and mind-expanding. I feel so much like the web has become this exhausting “push” or "feed’, but "crawl"ing felt so different.

A friend sent me “Chatting with Glue: Cognitive Tools for Augmented Conversation” and I think it applies to your use of Discourse in some ways.