will treat this like a changelog and learning thread

i like dropping youtube links into a post and they are turned into embeds! also they are searchable by video title(!)

disabled the feature that corrects titles with capitalization and other “prettifying” and also removed minimum post character counts

disabled categorization with custom css and by removing it from the nav, because i don’t need to think about categories yet. there is a lot of interface, here. thought about making myself a separate non-admin account so i have to look at less stuff, but decided to see if i can just pare this back.

thoughts about using discourse for letters, or public/semi-public chat. wondered if i could set up topics that could be viewed by anyone but only contributed to by certain people, i think this is only doable on a per-category basis, so i could make a category for letters between certain people.

allowing, for now, anyone to request to register. not sure when i will encounter my first user :blush:

agree with this person that it would be nice, for topics where i talk to myself, to remove avatars from consecutive replies

update: removed avatars!

testing merge

testing again…

merge is cool

wondering if i can use discourse like or instead of arena, will try porting my playlist channel

how to “mention a topic”

Start writing your reply Press CTRL-ALT-F Search for the topic you want to mention Press up and down arrows to highlight it Press A to insert it into the composer.

discourse’s hints are driving me cuckoo, they make sense for a regular forum use case but i’m trying to do something that doesn’t make any sense

will have to do this at some point once i decide on a domain, currently leaning towards

wanted a lot of tld’s that don’t exist like cag.bbs or

hid avatars with this code:

/* hide avatars */
.topic-avatar {
    display: none;

oops, closed and reopened


i’ve added a shit ton of css and now it’s almost too sparse

my theme is called “ghost” (unofficially)

bi-directional linking is soooo nice