For the past near-decade I’ve been thinking/moving through a slurry of topics that I’m now experimentally corralling under the banner of Art Under Risk.

I’m going to use this category to think out loud on topics in this constellation.

For the past few years, as this has come into focus, my codenames for this work have been CFI/ERM Research, referring to Composite Financial Index and Enterprise Risk Management. These are two key ideas, but they’re part of a much larger network of thoughts. I’ve also focused on Cooper Union, because it’s the institution whose crisis led me to these ideas, and where I’ve spent the longest stretch of time—but I’d like to think more generally about concepts as they appear across institutions.

I’ll probably update the map as I go. Every time I sit down to think about these things, I draw up a version of this, so there have probably been a hundred variations to date, and each time I save the file, I immediately remember a few more missing pieces.