Watching "Ray Dalio in 30 minutes"

OMgoodness, a guy I follow because he knows the stock market posted this (possibly ironically but I’m not sure.)

Might be worth figuring out how to watch in a group? And hopefully the way I’m including the link correctly.


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And sorry if I posted this in the wrong place?

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This is the right place!

I would LOVE to ironically group-watch and comment on this @anne! :laughing: It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about Ray Dalio, lol.

I feel like when you first clued me in, it was this fringe-y thing? Like it was still just a link to PDF maybe?

It couldn’t have been this early though, looks like 2011 when it was first published? And we discussed it in like 2015, maybe? But I somehow remember it looking early-web like this:

More likely it was this open-access web version from 2015, though I remember you sending me the PDF!

Now, if you try to visit the old PDF URL it cleverly redirects to the generic-looking marketing site for the brand new picture book version?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The publicity circus around this book launch has been really just wild. In some ways, the publisher and social media consultants have just really nailed it. But for something so absolutely weird — wwwhhhaaaaat?

Thought it would be fun to post all my pinboard links on “Dalio” here…it’s kind of a trip:


First two thoughts:

  1. I didn’t realize that the late Aaron Swartz often quoted Dalio on his blog. I read those posts but didn’t clock the Dalio references at the time.

  2. Aside from like The Fountainhead and Objectivists :joy: it reminds me most of Rationalists: LessWrong, and (dunno if they’d label thenmselves this way, but) the Ribbonfarm/Refactor Camp crowd.

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Yes, it was like a 165 page pdf back in 2015. Crazy. There have been a couple of times I’ve logged into Jeff’s site recently (only to showroom him, not to buy) and paid ads for Dalio’s book have rained down on me.

And omg I started watching this and I will hold my commentary until we live watch it. lmk when you want to do this! In the meantime, I’m awed by your collection of Dalio ephemera and will dig into it.

Stay well. :heart:

What about 2pm Wednesday? (Kind of a random time but my schedule is weird and flexible because of working remotely — let me know.)

And I think I found a thing that will work for this! :slight_smile:

maybe we can watch there and chat here


great!! I will send a link here a few minutes beforehand. I think Synctube has a built in chat thing but maybe we can chat here instead :smiley:

@anne here’s the synctube room! I will drop the video in at 2, and be on here to chat :smiley: once it starts, I think either of us can adjust the video timing and it should sync on both ends. so we can rewind or skip ahead if needed

Great, I will be there. Hopefully I won’t have to be on camera, lol.

no camera function exists, so we’re good! :smiley:

Aaaaand I messed up the synctube by restarting my computer, LOL.

Try this URL!

OK I’m there!

I think I need to open it in a sep window though.

im a doof! see the new URL above :slight_smile:

ok we are live! Episode 1?

“my success is due to my not knowing” lol hmmmm

Yes, but volume?

Do you see a volume slider at the bottom?


lol found it

“early on I decided I need principles” I feel like the interesting thing we discussed about Principles is that they might have been…retroactive. Hindsight is 2020.